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Financial Services to the Emergency Services Community


Established 44 years ago by a group of Wellington firefighters and open to ALL New Zealand firefighters and emergency  services personnel to join: Fulltime, Volunteer, Communication Centres, Admin and their families.

We offer professional, personal, convenient and competitive financial services to our members. Personal Loans are our specialty!


Why we are different to trading banks


Do we have shareholders and have to make a profit?
  1. NO. We are a member based ‘Not For Profit’ organisation, so we can keep our fees down, charge less interest on loans and remain competitive with interest rates on investments.
Do we have to comply with the same regulations as trading banks ?

We are known as a NBDT (Non Bank Deposit Taker). The Non-bank Deposit Takers Act 2013 (the NBDT Act) defines an “NBDT” as a person, other than a registered bank, that makes an NBDT regulated offer of debt securities, and carries on the business of borrowing and lending money or providing financial services (or both).

The Firefighters Credit Union provides on-call or short-term deposit facilities and the provision of payments services. These functions suggest that NBDTs should be regulated in some respects in a manner similar to that applicable to banks, while still facilitating continued diversity, flexibility and competition in the NBDT sector.


Do our customers have the same access to services like trading banks?

YES. We have AccessDebit MasterCard which is used on all ATMs, plus online banking and a mobile banking app. Plus we have the best personal  service around.


Our Services



Mobile Banking

Online Banking

Bill Payments

Insurance Cover

MasterCard Services

 Auto Payments


How to Join Us Today

  • Ring us 0508 613 328
  • 5 Britannia Street, Petone, Lower Hutt
  • Open Mon to Fri 8.30 to 4.30


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