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Got questions that you haven’t found the answer for? We have added extra information here in order to help answer those questions you still have.

However, if you still have a question, please go to our contact page and drop us note, or contact us by phone on our Freephone – 0508 613 328

How long does it take to get my money into my bank account?

Over night – we transfer electronically through the banking system. It will be in your account as cleared funds the next day.

I haven't used my account for ages - how can I get an account balance?

Just ring us on Freephone 0508 613328

What is the delay in getting loans these days?

No delay at all, we are well funded with plenty of money to lend you.

How can I withdraw immediately from my shares account?

Have an Accesscard – you can use this at anytime OR fax, e-mail or ring us for assistance.

Can I apply for an Accesscard by post or do I have to come in?

Through the post is fine – we have the ability to arrange a private PIN for you.

Is it too late to setup a Christmas Club Account for this year?

No – we can arrange this for your at anytime at all.

How can I deposit money into my account?
  • Directly through the payroll.
  • By Automatic payment from your bank.
  • By depositing at any branch of Westpac bank, Ring us for account number details.
  • By Post – Cheques only as its’s not a good idea to post cash