New Zealand Firefighters Credit Union

Financial Services to the Emergency Services Community


The New Zealand Firefighters Credit Union is looking for passionate people to join our Board of Directors with skills in the following areas:

Accounting  –  Legal  –  Asset Management  –  Banking

Audit  –  Governance  –  Management  –  Strategy

Currently Board positions are totally voluntary, however from this year’s September AGM it is likely that a meeting fee will be paid to Directors (with the amount yet to be determined).

The Board meets a minimum of six times a year and there are separate Audit and Risk, and Loans Committee groups which meet in addition to the main meetings.

Directors can reside anywhere in New Zealand and expenses will be reimbursed.  Zoom is also regularly used for meetings.

If you think you (or your partner) many have what it takes to positively contribute to the NZ Firefighters Credit Union, please email and and let us know why you think you would make a good addition to our Board outlining your relevant skills and experience.

Firefighters who found that their Credit Union made a difference

Vehicle Finance

Chris tells us how the quick and easy support from his Credit Union and other firefighters helped him with his vehicle purchase

Open to All

John, a Volunteer Support Officer, shares his thoughts on the common bond of Fire and Emergency across the  members of the Credit Union 

Support when Needed

Henry and Becky share how their special moment was made extra special because of the Credit Union and fellow firefighter’s support

About Us

We are a non profit organisation with members saving their money and loaning to each other.


We offer a fantastic range of services such as savings, loans, online and mobile banking and much more.


Here you can download forms to join us, or to use any number of our services.
Our purpose. To provide excellent service and affordable financial and related products while maintaining the original intent of ownership by all members.

Our vision. To be the primary provider of financial services to the emergency services community.

Our mission. To offer professional, convenient and competitive financial services for our members.

Our values. To be trusted; foster a sense of belonging; be credible and dependable; be caring and compassionate to our members.

The New Zealand Firefighters Credit Union is a “one stop shop” for all your financial requirements. Contact us today to find out about our range of services and how we can help you to look after that important part of your daily life.

The New Zealand Firefighters Credit Union is proud to be a credit union and not a registered bank.


NZFCU remains in breach of its undertakings under the Trust Deed to  maintain a capital ratio in excess of 10% as at 28 February 2021.

Full details of this breach can be viewed by clicking on this link. This information is also lodged on the Product Disclosure Statement which can be found on the Companies Office Disclose Register. This can be viewed here. (click on the “Documents” tab)

In addition, The Firefighters Credit Union is required to cease taking on any new members from 20 April 2021.